Pop Up Night with Chef Zollicoffer

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Big Mama’s Kitchen & Catering has teamed up with local up and coming chefs from the Omaha area and will feature their culinary skills for a Pop-Up Night at our restaurant. A new chef will be featured once monthly for one night only during of the months of June and July 2019.

Our second featured chef is Wesleyon Zollicoffer. Wes is currently a private chef and founder of Feeding Royals. Born and raised in North Omaha, Wes grew up watching his Mother Sherry in the kitchen as she entertained family, friends and those in need with her delicious food. Her passion for treating people like royalty fuels Wes today as he curates in-home fine dining experiences. Wes is a graduate of No More Empty Pots Culinary Workforce Training Program and gained experience working at area restaurants including Big Mama’s Kitchen and Catering. Wes hopes to one day open his own restaurant that allow him to put his flair for creating new flavors into a unique story for all to enjoy.

Chef Zollicoffer’s Menu June 22, 2019 6:30pm


Crawfish │ Orange │ Carrot │ Tabasco │ Red Onion

Charcuterie Board
Skins │ Chicken │ Plantain │ Biscuit│ Henny Apple Jam │ Peach Bacon jam │ Smoked Bell Pepper

Maple │ Sweet Potatoes │ Sage │Pistachios │ Parmesan

Shrimp │Roasted Tomatoes │ Grits │ Red Wine Reduction │ Andouille Sausage

Lemon Icebox Pie
Lemon Pie │ Caramel │ Walnut Ice Cream │Blueberry Compote

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